Robert Zollitsch
composer & producer
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biography (top)

Born in Munich/Germany Robert Zollitsch grew up with the Folk music of his home region, learning a classical Bavarian Folk music instrument, the zither. From 1986 to 1990 he studied music theory at the HDK Berlin. In 1993 he was awarded a scholarship to study the Chinese zither Guqin in Shanghai . The next years field research on traditional music in Mongolia , China and Tibet and collaboration with numerous outstanding Chinese musicians made him an expert in Asian music. Today he has established himself as one of the most important composers of New Chinese Art Music.

compositions (selection) (top)

Bai Yun Chuan

Wu Xiang

Yi Shui Ge

Senlin Zhiwu

Beiqing Yuwang

Qin Chu

Qiu Shuo ...

Hei Ma


zwischen steinen



history (top)

Qin Songs: CD-production - 2008

Gong Linna: "Zou Xikou" - Chinese Folksongs, CD-production & arrangements - 2007

Gong Linna: "Jing Ye Si" - CD-production & composition - 2006

Qiu Ji: "Qiu Shuo ..." - CD-production & composition - 2005

Overseas, Filmmusic - 2005

BR (Bavarian Radio): "Schluss mit Lustig", Music for Radioplay - 2005

Gong Linna: "Zou Shengming de Lu" - CD-production & composition - 2004

Martin Mallaun: "zwischen steinen" - CD-production - 2004

BR (Bavarian Radio): "Drei Kinder und ein Stern", Music for Radioplay - 2003

BR (Bavarian Radio): "Regenbogenzeit", Music for Radioplay - 2001

Touring with WU XING - Selection:
Amsterdam China Festival - 2005
WOMEX showcase - 2004
Bardentreffen Nuernberg/Germany - 2003
Festival Mediteran, Izola/Slovenia - 2003

Selected festival Solo performances:
Musiques sur L'ile, Nantes/France - 2002
Festival de L'Imaginaire - Paris,France - 2001
Kaltenberg Music Festival - Kaltenberg, Germany - 2000
Tanz & Folk Festival Rudolstadt - Rudolstadt, Germany – 2000
Warszawa Music Festival - Warsaw, Poland – 2000

Touring as bandleader for Urna & Ensemble, 1994 – 2001
(concerts and festivals in Taiwan, USA, Russia, China, Holland, Germany, Spain,
Slovenia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Belgium)

Touring with Eurasian Art Ensemble – 1998

Touring with Ensemble, Omen - 1996
traditional Chinese Music and self compositions with Chinese musicians

Concert tour with Mongolian musicians in Beijing and Shanghai – 1994
(Beijing jazz festival)

Concer tour with avantgarde jazz ensemble SHESH – 1993-95:
Posen Jazz Festival, Jazzweek Hannover, Nordjazzfestival Westerstede, Jazz nad Orda

Concert tour with trio Lamayuru (avantgarde jazz) - 1992:
Jazz Festival Jena, Intl. Days of Zither Music Germany, Frankfurt Music Mess

Featured Soloist in concerts with the Norddeutsche Vocalconcertisten – 1992
Self arrangements of Renaissance compositions and self compositions

 awards,  grants & schoolarships (top)

Recipient: Berlin World Music Award, Musica Vitale - 2000

Recipient: German Folk Förderpreis Award - 1999

Founding of the Eurasian Art Ensemble with musicians from China, Russia,
Czech Republic & Germany funded w/ grant from the Berlin Senate - 1997

Received grant from the Berlin Senate, Berlin, Germany to
compose pieces for Chinese instruments - 1995

Received grant from Government of Niedersachsen,
Germany for artistic merit with Shesh - 1994

Received scholarship from German Academic Exchange Service
for studying the Chinese zither (Guqin) in Shanghai - 1993-94

 panels & lectures (top)

Central Conservatory of China, Beijing: lecture & panel discussion on Chinese Art Music, 2006

CHIME 2005: Lecture on development of New Art Music in China

WOMEX 2005: Culture, Kitsch & Pirate Copy
(Music and Records in China)

Head of Jury: German Folk Award RUTH - 2002/2003

Jury member: German Music Instrument Award
Germany - 2001

Lecture on Experiences with World Music in China,
Mongolia and Tibet at WOMEX - Rotterdam/Holland - 2001

Jury member: German Folk Förderpreis Award - Rudolstadt, Germany - 2001

Radio programs about Tibetan Folk Music for German national radios - 2000

Lectures on Life and Music in the Ordos Grassland, Inner Mongolia - 1997

Guest Lecturer for Music theory at Bundesakademie für
musikalische Jugendbildung in Trossingen/Germany - 1997

Jury member: Jazzpodium - Niedersachsen, Germany - 1996

Lecture on own composition at Music conservatory Hannover, Germany - 1995

Jury member: German Musicinstrument Award
Germany - 1992


projects (top)

Design and construction of a new model of zither - 2001

Project: Tanning in Inner Mongolia - Introduction of new
leather tanning methods after traditional methods have been lost - 1999

Producer: Tibetan Folk Music (Ethnographical CD Recording)
for Cultural Centre for Traditional Music Lhasa, Tibet - 1998

Composition and première of Phase V - A quartet for four zithers - 1998

Tibet: Organization of concerts in Lhasa, revival of Nangma-tradition - 1997

Project: Meeting China: Four weeks of music in Beijing
with various Chinese musicians - 1995

Foundation of Gaoshan Liushui (later renamed Crossing) in Shanghai
(Ethno fusion with traditional Chinese and western instruments) - 1994

Design and construction of an electric zither - 1992